EcoTrust S.A. is a company founded by a group of Swiss and Chilean professionals based in Santiago, Chile, who specialise in international financial markets and methods for sustainable ecological development. Our staff develop projects and arrange finance and trading of Reduced Emission Certificates all according to the standards of the Kyoto Protocol and/or the Emission Trading Scheme of the European Union.

For the beginning EcoTrust S.A. has underwritten integration and strategic alliance agreements with several firms and brokers operating in the international market, mainly in Europe. We participate in a widespread engineering and trading network. Consequently our customers benefit by our combining the best expertise available in the world under one umbrella. They can thus obtain full service at a highly competitive price, particularly with regard to CDM projects, the marketing of Reduced Emission Certificates, the quantififying of potential emission reductions and identifying and development of business opportunities in environmental matters.

Our customers include companies from the private sector, international organizations, governments and NGO’s.

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